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A Link to the POPGADGET Article

Squishy foam pillows come in all shapes and sizes but no matter how hard you squeeze, they don't react. Yury Gitman's new squeezable pillow, My Beating Heart, responds to a hug with its own palpable heartbeat. The rhythmic beats are soothing, like when you're hugging someone tightly and you can sense your breathing and your heart rates start to almost imperceptibly synchronize.

An amazing thing about My Bearing Heart is that every time you turn a Heart on, an entirely unique heartbeat rhythm is created. This is all made possible by a tiny computer inside each Beating Heart that uses an algorithm to generatively create a heartbeat. In essence, there is a very simple form of Artificial intelligence programmed into the heart of each Beating Heart, giving it the ability to recreate a human heart rate. So the heartbeat rhythm changes subtly and gradually over time, replicating the heartbeat of a human in a meditative state.

My Beating Heart is powered by a 9-volt battery and made of soft, peach-fuzzy ultrasuede. They come in five colorful styles, and are available now for $120 from My Beating Heart.