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The Bunny Christmas Special (coming soon)

Okay so here's the scoop: As Jenny and I argued about what to do for our finals during lunch, we met 2 strange cute bunnies. They proceeded to tell us they were in the city trying to become rich and famous, just like Paris and Nicole Richie, but so far they've had a lot of trouble doing so. We asked them why didn't they just do a porno, but they said that was too low for them.  So then we asked them why didn't they simply do a funny bunny thing and post it on youtube. Even though they liked this idea, for some reason they didn't think youtube was enough. So then we asked them, why don't you put yourselves on a webcam and somehow show the world your talents. They were happy with this idea, but the only limitations is that these 2 bunnies are not too talented.

We finally asked them, why don't you let people submit things they want you to do, and you can go ahead and do a little performance for them. Heck, they can even dress up in Christmas outfits and call it a Christmas Special. They were thrilled and loved the idea, as long as they had some control over the things to be done.

All we asked in return was to get some credit for our wireless toys class. So stay tuned for further development.

Technical Details:
2 bunnies wired with LEDs, vibrating motors.
1 website with live feed, and form.
1 arduino to connect the website and the bunnies.

(diagrams coming soon)


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