• Yury Gitman
    Instructor: Making Wireless Plush Toys, Design Technology Department
  • Caty Bartholomew
    Instructor: Toy Concept Development and Design, Illustration Department

Taught At The Parsons New School for Design

December 2006

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nicola johnstone

Hi there i am from scotland and i am trying to trace my long lost friends cynthia (cindy) and stephen pandolfi. If you have any information on these people then please get in touch @ [email protected]. I can remember that they used to live in cedar grove and have family in kearney yours nicola


hi, i am hear to gather some information regarding making wireless controlled robots... since i am from 12 std, i am seeking help from others. i wanted to make a robot that can be contolled through wireless remote controller. now the prob is how to make it? do you have any solution for it.....if yes kindly help me by mailling to my address.......i will be very thankful.


We are a leading manufacturer of samll toys and premiums wiht office in Hong Kong and factories in China.

We noted noted from your blog that you are able to create outstanding toy designs. Is it possble for you to send us your portfolio via email for our references?

Just for your information, we are interested in having someone to create innovative products ideas for us for (but not limited to) the following items on freelance basis:

-mini toy swith play value/function/mechanism

-assmebling toys for capsules (with 3 different sizes)
IC 51 – 45mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 46mm(H)

IC 6368 – 58mm(L) x 58mm(W) x 65mm(H)

IC 39 – 29mm(L) x 29mm(W) x 41mm(H)

-mini houseware products

-mini desktop products

-attractive character for brand building purpose

-any small toys which are good for fast food chain store /chips /cereal promotions.

If you are capable of creating products for small toys and premiums, please kindly let us know how we can work together.

Please note that, each of our item, would have at least comes wiht 4-6 styles for collection purpose.
Since we launch about 10-20 items monthly, we really want to make things simple by just pyaing the one time only design free instead of working on royalty and / or register basis. (of course, we still need to have the exclusive right over the designs) Therefore, please kindlky advise if there is any way we can reach an agreement.

Please fell free to let us have your opinion by return, as we are open for disucssion.

Kindly visit our website at or for more details of our company and products.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Daisy Wong

Wing Mau Products Development Ltd.
Room 3-5, 17th Floor, Wah Wai Centre,
38-40 Au Pui Wan Street,
Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong

t. 852.2687.1788
f. 852.2603.1768
e. [email protected]
u. /

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What's Happening Here

  • This blog documents the work of students in two separate Parsons classes and departments. MAKING WIRELESS PLUSH TOYS designs, sews, and solders interactive soft toys. MAKING WIRELESS PLUSH TOYS is a class in the CDT department, Communication Design Technology. TOY CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN deals with the fundamentals of ideation, development and design. TOY CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN is a class in the Illustration Department. These are two separate classes that take place in two separate departments and have two separate groups of students. The Professors decided to create one blog for the class to help promote the cross-fertilization of ideas and warm fuzzy feelings between departments.