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Omg this is so cute! Please, you have to upload the video to !!!! You must let everyone see!


oh yeah, I forgot to suggest. Why not try the game on a surface that has more friction?


i couldn't get the video to work, but i'ld love to get my hands on some live action katamari. great idea. i hope you have some thought of marketing this. i know a pile of ppl who would be into katamari tournaments.


Ooh, fantabulous! Agree with arca on posting this on Google Video! I'd take two of these please! :D


where did you get those katamari dolls? i really want to buy my girlfriend one. please help!! =)


too cute


That is Terrific Did you do tis with velcro? and felt? Its great i can just se playing this like a contest for real. Gee we could have katamari tourniments!

Michael Huang

Awesome! How is the katamari ball attached to the RC car?

The Prince 2.0

WOWERS!!!!! You really need to market these, get a patent for these, but you might want to make more than The Shiako Katamari, and the Ichigo Katamari, but you need to make Ichigo a Strawberry pattern, OH i would love a Fujio Katamari, andi got a good idea for a Katamari tourny, how about the winner can win a King Katamari You really neeed to do that

Adam J Hepton

Bah. As cool as this is (and truly, it is): Ace is the only choice for cousin.


Put some weight inside the ball so that the velcro presses down onto the objects it rolls over.


We'll show our toy here!!

Erik Karlsson

This is great! What an effort in making these =)


Common:Creative,cool,cute katamari dolls!!!!Please upload the video to
and,I thought RC toys are the best before I have visit your page,( buy the way,before I have visit your page my #1 favorite rc toys page is : )
but now,not any more,this katamari dolls really attract me,your page is my #1 favorite now !
this katamari dolls really can compete with RC toys !!!!!!

this is so cool i could not have thought of this

Ska King Cody

Na, na na na na na na katamari damashii.


Very VERY cool!


Please sell me some...


omg ha ha ha! na na na na na na na na na na katamari damacy! katamari on se swing! i want one!

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