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Stephanie Cheung

Don't be... I used to have a set too. I also played with He-man, Thunder Cats, GI Joe, Star Wars ~ lots of boy toys coz they were cooler

I didn't delete my movie links but it won't play automatically from now on. Hopefully you won't get nightmares anymore ~
sweet dreams


Girl toys were cool too...uhh...Barbie, My Little Patch Kids...ok, maybe you're right.


I was forced to play Barbie since my sister had them. I hated it. It's a pain to change my own clothes than to do it for a toy.
I must admit I had a Cabbage Patch Kid it was so popular.
Pogo-ball was cool too ~

Haely Burtin

Hey i just went on here to see if i could find a little toys thing that i could make with kids and i found your little turtles i just thought i would tell you that i thought that they were are really good. will i if you have any ideas that i could make with little kids let me know please becauce this enternet ant show me crap thank you alot.

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